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Simplify your move from on-premise to cloud

IBM have made it easier to move to cloud. If you already license one of the eligible IBM on-premises offerings and that offering is covered by active Subscription and Support (S&S), you can leverage that investment and Bridge to Cloud.

This program offers single quote, order, and invoice; elimination of dual payments; and shifting of support entitlements from your on-premises offering to the comparable SaaS offering. This way, you can minimise the need for additional training or changes to your business process.

Why make the move?

  1. Leverage your existing investment
  2. Simplify your users' transition
  3. Avoid dual payments during transition
  4. Benefit from a single quote, order and invoice

Find out which offerings are eligible for bridge to cloud.


Move to cloud without the risk

With this program, try the SaaS offerings that are comparable to the on-premise ones you have today — without risk. And if you wish to move back to on-premise, you can do so during the term of your contract without incurring S&S reinstatement fees.

To learn more, contact us, using the form below and we will be in touch to confirm your current configuration and the licence you want to transition to SaaS. 

 You may also find Sempre Co-Founder; Nick Patrick's recent blog post on the considerations on migration to SaaS of interest.


Watch this video to learn more about converting to IBM cloud.