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Sempre Analytics can help mitigate risk around a product upgrade - we know that there are often doubts around the added value of upgraded software versions, or concerns regarding the "undocumented features" (bugs) sometimes found in new versions. Subsequently, we find that upgrade plans can get pushed down the to-do list, leaving users on ageing, less user friendly versions, and administrators/power users with less functionality and potentially unsupported environments.

We will work with you to ensure you see the full value of upgrading; together, we can plan in upgrades at a time that suits all users, so that testing doesn't impact too heavily on business as usual. We will also help you to identify new features, ensure clear documentation and implement as and when necessary.

We find most of our upgrade projects involve Cognos Planning and Cognos BI series 7 and 8, both to version 10.


If you are a Cognos Planning user, you may have heard that IBM are no longer developing the product (although still support it), in favour of TM1 their flagship Planning Tool which is more scalable, advanced and integrates more effectively with the IBM Business Analytics technology stack. You may also find that Planning is well established and the general consensus is to continue to use it. If this is case, Sempre Analytics can help you extend the life of this system, without necessarily having to resort to going to the market for new technology.

However, you may find that your organisation has grown out of Cognos Planning, or that it isn't scalable or sufficiently effective, but you're worried that buying another product is an implementation headache. We can help you avoid the pain and move on, for the minimum expense, whilst also minimising the impact to your users and normal business processes.

When we do this, we will undertake a detailed analysis of your requirements focusing on:

  • Existing system set up – inputs, calculations and outputs, costs and system limitations
  • User base – locations, roles and access rights
  • Gap analysis – what other processes can be rolled up into a planning system, and what planning and reporting pains you currently have
  • Infrastructure – analysis of current environment and understanding of what might be required

When we've identified this, we can guide you through product selection and recommend the right solution that is tailored to your needs: be that on a Cloud Platform or on-premise, and whether you require a pre-built application or a ground up implementation. Finally, we will make sure we are with you every step of the way to ensure the project is future-proofed, quickly adopted and delivers value above and beyond your existing Planning investment.

Migrate from Cognos Series 7 to BI 10

There are plenty of reasons to move to the latest version of Cognos. Our top picks are:

  • Single data modelling platform – easy to use and simple to manage
  • Unified workspace with greater power, intuitive navigation and a cleaner look for users
  • Breadth of analytics across historical, real-time and predictive information
  • Collaborative BI through built-in collaboration and social networking
  • Easy data inclusion by the business from all the way from one value, to entire data sets, and even external files
  • Analytics on the go for more devices and interaction with Cognos Mobile and Active Reports even when you are offline
  • Faster performance with in-memory processing and Dynamic Cubes
  • Expanded deployment options include SmartCloud, System z, and Power
  • Integration with added value solutions such as TM1, Planning, CDM and SPSS

At Sempre Analytics, our team will guide you through all these potential benefits and more, to help you understand all the advantages the upgrades can provide. Our advice will include the best releases to align to, and an understanding of any licence implications. Finally, we will put in place a plan that ensures a successful go live, complete with effective testing and minimum disruption.

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