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Mobilising BI

Cognos-MobileModern organisations must be dynamic and quick to respond to changing situations and market conditions. Whether moving round your own premises or out on the road, you need instant, secure access to business information that's secure, easy to use, engaging and supports your decision making process. 

At Sempre Analytics we have provided our clients with a range of mobile BI solutions. Whether that's at C-Level for a "between flights" use case, or across multiple end users accessing data for all – we will find the best fit for your need from our software stack and exceed your expectations.

AnalyticsNot only that, at Sempre Analytics, we realise that you get a different relationship with numbers when they are visualised. You can identify trends quicker, find the exceptions, and take the fear out of sales people using data, enabling them to have fact-based conversations, rather than relying on opinion. With information in the palm of your hand, no-one should be forced to say "I'll get back to you" anymore.

Additionally, in providing a way to showcase interactive analysis in a presentational format, we give businesses a new way to speak to their clients and give new life to collateral. Our clients also found they were able to establish industry-leadership with their peers, customers and competitors through their use of innovative technology.


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