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System and Process Assurance

We are often asked by customers to provide assurance around one or more aspects of their planning and reporting environment. Whether you are experiencing performance issues, need to verify a project plan or simply want to ensure your environment is configured in an optimal manner, we can provide that assurance. Our Assurance reviews can help answer questions such as:

Why are my reports running slowly?
Is this design possible and/or efficient?
What part of our BI suite are we not utilising?
How do I change our ETL processes?
Is our data secure?

Our assurance offerings cover a wide set of functions; the most common are listed below:

  • Backup/Recovery/DR procedures and testing
  • Data warehouse design review
  • Ensure BI and Planning business processes follow best practice
  • Ensure the business is using all features of the product
  • ETL process review and optimisation
  • Licensing compliance
  • Project plan appraisal, including timescale and cost analysis
  • Provide impartial appraisal of systems design before project commencement
  • System health-checks
  • System migration strategies
  • Security review
  • Technical install review

We also provide Technical Days which cover the latest capabilities of the products, how to integrate them and how to reduce any business change during implementation. During these events we demonstrate these capabilities and also discuss how they would be relevant to your business. Having worked with a large number of clients, we cover not only the technical aspects, but also the
real world issues you're likely to face.


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