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IBM SPSS Modeller is the premier Data Mining tool and has been helping Data Miners find answers and information for the past 20 years; combined with the IBM Cognos suite it creates a powerful tool that can help any organisation.

As companies and organisations continue to grow and change, so does the stockpile of data that they sit on. In a bid to understand what is happening within their company and the market, many organisations invest large amounts of time, effort and money in running Business Intelligence systems from an excess of spreadsheets, databases and systems. SPSS takes the same data and enhances it by applying algorithms and mathematical models to understand why something is happening, as well as asking the questions of what is going to happen.

Predictive analytics can help answer these questions:

  • Which of our customers are likely to leave (churn)?
  • What products do customers buy together and which products should we combine offers with (basket analysis)?
  • What is the trend of our finances (time series / trend analysis)?
  • What are the groups within our customers (clustering) and which clusters should receive particular marketing?
  • How can we extrapolate more information about our customers / potential clients / competitors (data cleanse)?

SPSS Modeller acts as a statistical ETL tool taking data from your current BI stack, database or spreadsheet and outputting insight. This tool will help answer questions you may be asked by your finance director, CEO, marketing department - indeed almost any job function within the business.

There are additional tools within the SPSS Modeller family to assist business in data analysis:

  • Text Analytics - Examine unstructured text and websites for key words relevant to your company; e.g. what are your customers saying about your company? 
  • Social Network Analytics - Examine the networks of your customers and their connections to other customers to identify the spread  effect or the key customers within social groups.
  • Entity Analytics - Many companies have different systems to represent similar entities, for example, sales, marketing and customer  service may have different systems to handle their processes but have different information on customers. EA helps by using  mathematical algorithms and fuzzy logic to join the data and bring the systems together.


There are many ways SPSS modeller can be used, here is just one example:


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