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IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning

Create, compare and evaluate business scenarios. Analyse conditions, drivers, rates and assumptions and use best practices such as driver-based planning and rolling forecasting to quickly determine resource requirements, assess operating performance and predict future business results.

  • Make effective decisions based on a unified view of operational and financial plan data that connects with key metrics and information - instead of debating definitions and the accuracy of multiple Spreadsheets.
  • Manage the solution without complex programming languages or scripting. No IT input is required.
  • Quickly explore data, evaluate models, test assumptions and compare current performance with historical actuals and external benchmarks, using drill-down and multidimensional cube slicing-and-dicing.
  • Enable greater participation, collaboration and contribution with user-friendly web browser and familiar Microsoft® Excel® interfaces.
  • Because Cognos Planning is Cognos 10 ready, you can easily link to reporting and dashboards to complete your planning process.


Cognos Planning is still available to use by existing customers. Our experience with Cognos Planning is long lasting and goes back as far as 2001, so we are uniquely placed to help you maximise your investment in this system, either by extending its usage with the introduction of more models, or driving efficiencies through existing models.

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