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IBM Cognos TM1

Use IBM Cognos TM1 to actively plan for business success, regardless of business size, locality or industry. As an enterprise planning software solution, IBM Cognos TM1 can scale to any size of business and will transform the entire planning cycle, from target setting and budgeting, to analysis and forecasting, scorecarding and reporting. With a full set of mobile capabilities and integration with IBM Cognos BI, users at all levels across the organization will be engaged with the planning cycle.

Available as a typical on-premise solution or within the cloud, IBM Cognos TM1 spans Finance and Operations to help uncover new business potential, increase profits, and manage capital effectively. Powerful new scorecard and strategy management capabilities allow the organisation to build strategies for effectively monitoring business performance metrics and delivering corporate objectives.

  • A personal analytics interface, including on-demand scenario modelling with planning capabilities
  • Rapid development and deployment of flexible models, including profitability models, without batch processing
  • Enterprise-wide reporting on key financial metrics, corporate objectives and strategies
  • Integration with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence for enhanced dashboards, scorecards and analytics, with standard reporting for general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Create flexible planning and analysis models
  • Support constantly evolving business processes through powerful workflow capabilities
  • Support for rolling forecasting with participation from a broad range of contributors
  • Support for in-depth predictive analytics
  • Control of the application within the business without the need for constant IT support

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