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Motio Inc.



Sempre Analytics has teamed up with Motio, a recognised leader in the provision of value-added Cognos BI lifecycle management products. Motio's suite of products provide businesses with the ability to conduct automated testing, version control, promote content and simplify the administration and management of Cognos BI systems. This results in more accurate and reliable implementations, ultimately reducing the operational costs.

Whether you are looking to document your existing security, bulk-edit object changes or implement full user acceptance testing with content promotion, the Motio suite of products contain a vast array of capabilities to meet your needs. Download your FREE version of MotioPI and see how you can make BI better. 

A number of key functions of the Motio suite of products, include:

  • easily recover and audit deleted content
  • regression test reports and models
  • validate report outputs during upgrade and development phases 
  • control your versions of Cognos reports, objects, models, settings and security
  • ensure reports are checked in and out, directly from the Cognos studios
  • migrate content to multiple environments, with full roll-back capability
  • update objects, content, properties and policies of items both inside and outside of the content store
  • search and replace expressions within reports
  • automatically document content and dispatcher settings
  • bulk update security group and role memberships in just a few clicks
  • provide full auditability of all object and content changes

Motio's suite of products aims to assist Cognos developers, empower Cognos administrators and simplify the management of Cognos installations. Motio software increases the speed and efficiency of BI development teams by giving them the tools to "work smarter", producing more consistent and accurate BI content.

Download your FREE version of MotioPI and see how you can make BI better. 

The Products

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