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Data Visualization for Mobile Users

If you've ever struggled with the frustrations of trying to navigate a spreadsheet on your iPhone or iPad, or stared at a screen filled with spinners while trying to use a dashboard from your mobile device, Roambi could change the way you mobilise your data.

Publish reports, charts, and dashboards and more and share with your team on their mobile devices.



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Roambi Analytics - Understand Your Numbers

No matter where your data is coming from, Roambi Analytics transforms it into a simple, engaging, and intuitive experience to help you and your users understand your numbers.


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Roambi Flow - Tell The Story

True information goes far beyond tables and charts. Roambi Flow lets you surround your data with context, create an engaging experience, and tell the story behind the numbers.



We've been working with Roambi since it was launched to the UK market. Over the years, our team of Roambi consultants have been on hand to advise and guide our clients on their own mobile BI journeys - so if it's a safe pair of hands you're after, why not give us a call. 

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Revolutionise your sales conversations; equip your team with the most up-to-date and engaging data; position your business as a truly innovative, ground breaking organisation.


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