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The CFO Virtual Agenda 2020



The CFO Virtual Agenda returns in November bringing together an exclusive community of the most senior CFOs, Finance Directors and Heads of Finance from the comfort of their own home.

Co-developed by CFOs and FDs from some of the world’s largest companies, the CFO Virtual Agenda is uniquely positioned to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to navigate these uncertain times, safeguard businesses and remain agile to drive business growth in the future.


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Digitisation is becoming a realistic opportunity for the finance function as the pace of technology continues to evolve. In particular the increased availability and reliability of business data; the ability to process large sets of data; and improvements in connectivity tools and platforms is fuelling this transformation.

CFOs must begin to experiment or risk falling behind other functional groups in the organisation and other companies in the industry whose digital transformations are already under way. Those who are afraid to invest and implement change will lose a golden opportunity to help drive the business agenda.


  • Richard Exact,Director of Finance and Risk, Ocado
  • Joanna Cheres, Head of Finance, Creativ Ceutical
  • Paul Windsor, Head of Solutions, Sempre Analytics
  • Clive Teuten, CFO, Blue Bracken
  • Michael McCaw, Editor, Financial Director 

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    The CFO Virtual Agenda will be hosted 19 complimentary live sessions in November 2020 focusing on four themes surrounding immediate strategies to secure business survival and speedy recovery.

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