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Every day we are seeing data evolve at such speed that companies are struggling to meet the demands of the digital age.  With cost continuing to rise, increasing staff turnover, integration issues and projects averaging 20 months late and 80% over the original quoted capital expenditure, the industry is going to continue facing challenges, but your data could hold the solution if you know how to use it properly.

So how best can we use data and more importantly what are the Essential Foundations for Effective Decision Making?

With technology progressing at an unrelenting pace, companies in the Housebuilding and Construction sector have been left wondering how to make the best possible use of the constantly growing amount of data they’re collecting to make a real difference.

Having the ability to make quick, fact-based decisions has never been more important:

  • Plot-level planning and forecasting with feeds into P&L and cash flow
  • Executive reporting
  • Integrated CF, P&L and Balance Sheets
  • Analytics built specifically for your sector
  • Real-time analytics
  • Data quality and reliability

Could you be using your data in a better way? 

Join us on the 29th of September 2022 at The Building Centre, and hear from your peers as they discuss how data has made a real difference to their operational efficiency!

Why attend?

  1. Roundtable

    Share and Learn – Project journey/lessons learned, share your initiatives with the group and discuss the future of the technologies you’re using: COINS, Viewpoint, Agresso, Salesforce, and Dynamics are commonly discussed subjects. Learn from the lessons learned by others.

  2. Automating the Process

    Automation of tasks within the house building sector. Real-life examples of where RPA and AI is being used to automate the repetitive tasks that don’t need to be done by humans. We will demo some industry solutions from our RPA partner Automation Anywhere, a leader in this space, showing how days of time can be saved on a weekly basis.

  3. Integrating your Cloud Data

    As the proliferation of Cloud solutions continues, how will you keep your on-premise and cloud solutions in sync? How will you improve the speed and accuracy of data and ensure your tech savvy customers receive the information they expect?

  4. Connecting your Business Planning and Analytics

    How to ensure consistency across your land appraisals, into your pre-production and production planning, and finally into your financial plans? Learn how Sempre can support you in this journey and see an end-to-end demonstration of our House Builder Solution Accelerator.

  5. Analytics for Housebuilders

    Lots of data being manually prepared in Excel, with limited ability to self-serve or gain unbiased insight from your internal and external datasets? See how Sempre is helping our customers with our pre-built solutions around Viewpoint and industry datasets to deliver insight to business users and provide visually appealing output.

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Welcome and Introduction

Open remarks by Industry Expert



IT – A focus on the “golden thread”

›Data governance

›Data Management


Finance – Financial Resilience making informed business decisions based on real-time data

Automation in Housebuilding & Construction

Networking Drinks sponsored by Automation Anywhere

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Join the discussion and discover how to strengthen your operational efficiency with realible data!


"Our long-standing relationship with Sempre coupled with their deep understanding of our business, meant they were able to bring a number of technologies to us. They then demonstrated them and helped us through the process of reviewing and understanding what each of them was able to deliver to us,”

Business Intelligence Manager, Crest Nicholson

“Data literacy is still new in the construction industry but it’s becoming the norm. When you read about the evolution of smart cities, what they’re really talking about is the ability to ask questions of data sets that they were never able to do before. And then make judgments based on facts as opposed to estimates”

Information Manager, MMC GAMUDA

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29 Sep 2022

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Building Centre
26 Store Street
London WC1E 7BT

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