Make IBM Planning Analytics Work for You

For any finance team committed to better, faster, data-driven decision making, IBM’s latest planning and forecasting suite demands your attention.

A highly user-friendly, self-service user-interface, less manual input, the ability to drill down into your data like never before: with IBM Planning Analytics you are fully equipped to create timely, reliable plans to put insight into action.

Individual members of the Sempre Planning Team have an average of over 10 years’ experience in analytics deployment. It’s fair to say we know the product inside out. But more than this, whether you are a first-time adopter or considering an upgrade from an existing suite, we know what’s involved in a successful deployment.

Assessment of your needs, advice, implementation, training and ongoing support: our IBM-certified specialists are committed to helping you unlock the full speed, agility and foresight of Planning Analytics.


What’s holding back your finance team?

Volatility, market uncertainty and risk: these are facts of life. No finance department can make these problems disappear. But, ideally, their main focus should be on addressing the issues – and not on manual spreadsheet-based processing. All that time spent collecting, consolidating and verifying data means less time solving real problems.

Circumstances and market conditions can shift quickly. Too often, finance is unable to deliver the plans, revised budgets, latest reports and insights needed to address those changes in a timely manner.

Other problems faced by businesses include the following:

  • Lack of in-house support
    As a consequence, teams are unable to take advantage of the full functionality of existing planning analytics tools.
  • Lack of external support
    Your existing partner doesn’t seem to understand how your business operates, let alone how you are trying to put analytics to work.

Reasons to Look at Planning Analytics

  • Create your very own, fully-customisable planning and analytics workspace.
  • Enables real people – i.e. finance and business users – to rapidly create reliable plans, budgets and forecasts.
  • Natural language search query capabilities ensures fast, powerful analysis.
  • Automatically creates compelling visualisations: While Finance stays in control of the planning process, this strong visual element makes it easier to collaborate with other departments.
  • Built to handle complex analysis: drill down for a granular view of product profitability and discover insights automatically, direct from the data.
  • Guided modelling: ask ‘what if’ questions – and get answers you can count on.

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Why Sempre?

  • Thorough pre-installation consultation and planning
    Our approach starts with thorough evaluation of your organisational needs – not least, to ensure that this is this solution right for you. Factoring in these needs, and taking into account security and integrity, we establish what needs to be done to deliver ‘One Version of the Truth’ incorporating data from across your organisation.
  • Installation planning for minimum disruption
    Whether you are upgrading from previous versions or adopting from scratch, we’re on hand to reduce non-availability of data and ensure ‘business as usual’ every step of the way.
  • Training
    Our aim is to get your team up to speed as swiftly as possible – with the end goal of enabling you to become self-sufficient.
  • Ongoing support
    A dedicated Customer Success Manager, ongoing access to our Support Desk, annual or biannual technology reviews ensure that you are always on top of your analytics environment. We’re here to ensure you get the very best out of your investment.

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It’s time to give your finance team the speed, agility and foresight they need to drive your business forward. Discover where IBM Planning Analytics can take your business – and how Sempre can help you get there.

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