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The sales rep in the field, the CEO on route to your branch office, the account manager taking an out-of-hours call: each of these would benefit from remote, mobile access to you entire bank of business intelligence. Roambi gives you this.

The mobile is a works tool; ditto the iPad. Most of us use apps for work-related activity. Working life would be so much easier – and more productive – if your people could access the numbers, wherever they happen to be.

Sempre realised this – and we wanted to team up with a solution provider who could make it happen for our clients. But at the same time, while mobile access to data assets seems like a wonderful idea, it’s not without its risks, not least in terms of security.

To be good enough for our clients, mobile self-service business intelligence had to work on every level: combining intuitive, mobile-focused visualisation along with enterprise-grade security. Roambi brings you all of this. It allows users to visualise, share and analyse their business data, on any device.

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Do you have a data access problem on the go?

Some or all of these will be familiar to many organisations…

  • Frameworks and visualisations that are not optimised for mobile
    The frustrations of reading a spreadsheet on a 6-inch mobile – or the spinner that appears over the analytics dashboard on your tablet: many mobile business intelligence solutions are simply not built to handle mobile devices.
  • Loss of productivity
    Too much time that could be spent on solving problems is wasted on dealing with a clunky platform.
  • A knock-on effect on adoption and usage rates
    More than half of employees think that businesses are too slow at delivering mobile tech for the workforce. If users cannot see the data at precisely the time they need it, business intelligence tools are bound to be under-utilised.
mobile business intelligence analytics software

How can Roambi help?

  • A universal tool
    Cognos, SAP Business Objects, Google Drive and virtually all tools: Roambi can be put to work with any data source.
  • A mobile and desktop-friendly design
    Allows you people to explore and view data intuitively and share information across the organisation via any device. The same experience is available to everyone – no matter how they are accessing the data.
  • Create your own visualisations
    Create, publish and share reports. This includes multimedia visualisations; ideal for insightful presentations.
  • Swift navigation and analysis
    Explore, filter and analyse data with absolute ease with an innovative mobile-focused analytics engine.
  • Enterprise-grade security
    A secure cloud platform combines content management, customisation and integration options.

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Working with Roambi since the technology was launched in 2011, our team is ideally placed to help you put this tool to work. From ensuring that all data sources are effectively connected, through to help and advice on selecting the best visualisations, we can ensure that you get the best possible ‘mobile-friendly’ view of your data.

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