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June 2023 saw the next major release of IBM Cognos Analytics.

But what does this mean for you and your business?

IBM Cognos Analytics 12, the latest major release in the Cognos Analytics series. While its name may be familiar, this update represents more than just a version number. Consider it a ‘statement of direction’ from IBM, subtly signalling their future priorities for the Cognos brand. While you won’t find sweeping changes in functionality compared to the previous release (11.2.4), this update sends a clear message to the market about the exciting next steps in the evolution of Cognos Analytics brand.

The direction of travel is very much next generation AI. The biggest change in Cognos 12 is the prominence of the assistant, IBM’s interface into the Watson component of the product. Assistant is now front and centre on the home page and is the gateway to your analytics journey with Cognos 12. Even novice users of Cognos can get valuable natural language insights into their data with little effort.

IBM have 4 parallel themes for Cognos 12

  • Self-service for all. Users can start anywhere and go everywhere, from natural language Q&A, through dashboards, stories and explorations to pixel perfect, governed reporting and beyond.
  • Actionable AI. Explainable, natural language insights, and extensible support for different foundation models, allowing data scientists to bring their own AI models
  • Analytics at the speed of business. Adaptive caching based on workload patterns, configurable caching for dashboard and report authors
  • Analytics everywhere – flexible deployment options, and the ability to embed Cognos capabilities into business applications and processes

But aside from the marketing speak, what else does IBM Cognos Analytics 12 offer?

  • AI Assistant – As already mentioned, the AI assistant is now front and centre of your Cognos 12 experience, occupying a prominent position on the home page.


There are also natural language enhancements, for a more intuitive experience. Narrative insights directly from assistant, for meaningful natural language insights into your data. Share visualisations directly from Assistant to Email, Teams or Slack. Embed Assistant into any web page or web application. Administrators can now set default data sources for Assistant, by role.

  • Custom tabs in content view – It is now possible for administrators to enhance the user experience by adding custom tabs to the content view using extensions
  • Fuzzy search – search terms are now matched using fuzzy search, meaning you don’t need to get the search term exact – it will also show items that are close matches
  • Teams – enhancements to embedded reports and dashboards in teams
  • Interactive Performance Assistant (IPA) – A new performance analysis tool allowing authors to analyse performance details about reports and dashboards
  • Dashboards – Local, configurable data caching on dashboard widgets, for performance optimisation. Statistical details on multivariate forecasts, for a better understanding of forecast results. Nested dashboards for multiple sets of content on the canvas. Zoom bar now available in more visualisations. New alignment options for visualisation elements.

And what has been removed in IBM Cognos Analytics 12?

Now the bad news. It is the end of an era for Analysis Studio, Query Studio and Workspace. These products are no longer available in IBM Cognos Analytics 12. However, the bulk conversion tool introduced in version 11.2.4 will quickly and easily convert your content into the new IBM Cognos Analytics 12 world.

So, what are you waiting for?

Upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics 12 now and experience its greatness first-hand! Book your time with us to explore the exciting possibilities this release has to offer for your business!

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Cognos version 11.1.x reaches the end of support on April 30, 2024. It’s time to upgrade for enhanced performance and security. 

With the release of version 12, it’s even more important for organisations to ensure they’re on a supported long-term release version of Cognos Analytics 

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