Welcome to life at Sempre.

“A family that plays together, stays together.”

We are firm believers that, who we hire, will either add to our positive vibe, or start to erode it away.

We are proud of who we are as a company, and therefore we approach recruitment with very careful consideration and thought.

We are dedicated to building a business with a real family feel.

Annual trips abroad (on us of course), family BBQ’s in the summer (invites extended to teammates’ partners, children & pets), as well as regular drinks down the pub and team charity events are all frequent features on our busy calendar.

Are we your kind of place?

Working at Sempre

Be part of something special

Fancy joining us?

We’re always on the lookout for talented data scientists, data engineers, and business planning consultants. If you have experience in data or planning systems do get in touch.

GET IN TOUCH: careers@sempreanalytics.com

Will you fit in here?

Take a peek at our Culture Book to learn what it’s really like being a Semprite.

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working for sempre

Our values - a code to live by


Be open & approachable

Being approachable means that no question is ever too small, that every opinion matters and that, no matter what’s going on, we’re always open to help others.


Treat colleagues like family and customers like friends

We play together, not just work together. We support each other through tougher times. We help our clients and colleagues grow to the point where they no longer need us.


Bring value, don’t extract it

Bringing value means generously sharing our knowledge and time without any expectation of return and without applying pressure to do things our way.


Take yourself lightly, but your work seriously

We take pride in our work while asking “How can I do this better tomorrow?”. But we can also take feedback, take a joke, laugh at ourselves and find the fun in everything.

Why I work at Sempre

The company is very transparent. That makes it very unique. There’s a lot of mutual respect here.


Why I work at Sempre

Witnessing how colleagues are so quick to help each other out. There’s never a concept of things ‘not being my job’. I really value that.


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