A timeless approach to doing business

The way we approach our work doesn’t necessarily make sense to our competitors.

But it makes total sense to us.

It’s based on a philosophy that we’re incredibly proud of, that reinforces the type of company we are and will always remain.

Introducing our timeless principles

We believe in… Making ourselves redundant

We hate to see people struggling with technology because of a lack of training or the need to rely on a third-party to make changes.

We design every system in such a way that our customers can own them and stay totally self-sufficient.

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We believe in… Service over sales

You’ll never hear us recommending things that benefit us, but have very little benefit for you.

We are a customer-first organisation, not a sales first organisation.

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We believe in… Continuity of consultant

Having to regularly educate a new consultant on your business or your systems, slows down the effectiveness of a project.

With Sempre, you never get a sea of new faces. You’ll always be working with someone trusted who you know and who knows you.

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We believe in… Relationships, rather than transactions

Too many companies are focused on hitting quarterly targets rather than building long-term relationships.

We aim to become a true partner to our customers, not just a resource.

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We believe in… Getting Sempre, if you pay for Sempre

And finally, we don’t use contractors.

We believe that if you’re paying for Sempre, then you should get a Sempre employee.

In our mind, it’s the only way to guarantee a predictable and memorable customer experience.

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Customers Say

We feel that Sempre care about us and our projects. We feel as if we have a business partner, rather than a 3rd party consulting company.

Amanda Monsoon

We Say

From the start “always being there” has been our guiding philosophy for the way that we look after employees and clients. We’ve always tried to be customer-led, rather than led by services, software or sales.

Nick Co-Founder

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