At heart, those buzzwords, Business Intelligence and Analytics are just another way of describing something that builders have always known. Without the ability to crunch the numbers, you don’t survive.

From construction site-specific performance through to sector-wide trends, we believe that construction companies ought to be at the forefront of data-driven decision making. And with a client portfolio that includes the likes of Crest Nicholson Plc, Sempre has a proven track record in making this happen.

We help turn unstructured data sets into valuable insights.

We enable housebuilders to connect to and make sense of construction data from all quarters of their organisations.

And we give building companies the tools and know-how they need to make the right decisions.

Business analytics

Helping You Absorb the Changes Ahead

Unforeseeable events are an occupational hazard for any construction company. On a project level, these are the miscalculations and pre-sign off rectifications that eat into your profits. On a wider level, they include the demand fluctuations, input price volatility, regulatory and political changes that can scupper your future plans.

Now especially, hurdles to great decision making include the following…

  • Resource management
    Forecasting and budgeting for costs has always been a challenge. Brexit-related price volatility and potential restrictions on labour supply look set to exacerbate this.
  • Regulatory management
    A proposed shake-up of Planning Regulations, a perceived ‘war on land banking’, the effects of IFRS16 on operations: all of these actual or proposed changes could have a significant impact on business models.
  • Reputation management
    The customer satisfaction survey is king, while the possibility of a New Homes Ombudsman further raises the potential for market players to be ‘named & shamed’ for quality shortcomings.
Construction analytics

Sempre: Putting Together the Essential Foundations for Effective Decision Making

The industry is changing – and the ability to make quick, fact-based decisions has never been more important. Here’s how Sempre can help you put this together…

  • Plot-level planning and forecasting with feeds into P&L and cash flow
    Get a better understanding of complex build projects and their financial implications for your organisation as a whole.
  • Executive reporting
    Top-line insights based on the reality of what is happening across the ground. Disseminate data across the business in an accessible, visual and usable format.
  • Integrated CF, P&L and Balance Sheets
    Fully automated and accurate month end close operations. Get a reliable, up-to-date picture and reduce the need for manual intervention.
  • Analytics built specifically for your sector
    Pride of place here comes Analytics for Field View, our proprietary solution for turning Viewpoint Field View into an invaluable Business Intelligence tool.
  • Full consultancy service
    Could you be using your existing tech in a better way? Thanks to our familiarity with leading housebuilding systems and software (e.g. COINs, Agresso and Anaplan), we can help you get the most out of it – and help you bring everything together.
ViewPoint Field View


Why is data more important than ever for housebuilding and construction?

The Connected Construction Challenge

Lack of visibility across an organisation impacts revenue, customer satisfaction, reputation and health & safety. Connected Construction feeds on-site production information across sales, production, finance and more, in real-time, to help create a truly connected view across the whole business.

Our Connected Construction Assessment looks at how connected your organisation is currently, how to improve it and which steps to prioritise.

This helps construction leaders leverage existing data and technology, and modernise operating procedures, so they can drive certainty, avoid surprises and spot issues before they magnify to become costly remedial work, delays and reputational damage.

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