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To survive, you have to make the right decisions on a policy by policy level.

But to flourish, an insurer needs to understand the bigger picture leveraging big data analysis. From new regulatory obligations to the growth of the switching economy, this is a fast-shifting sector. And the biggest risk to your insurance brand is getting left behind.

Broken down, this includes the following…

  • We need to create product offerings that make policyholders stick around
  • We need to identify new lines & opportunities – and to seize them with confidence
  • We need to stay on top of new reporting requirements
  • We need to manage change – from disintermediation and globalisation to the potential effects of Brexit

Industry Lead Stephen Pass shares some insight on what comes beyond IFRS 17: Data integration is a huge opportunity for insurance finance, not a compliance-related chore


Insurance data analytics

Helping you manage the risks faced by your insurance brand

From Aviva to Zurich, the Prudential, Hiscox, RSA and various Lloyd’s syndicates, we’ve worked with many of the biggest names in the Insurance sector.

And we see firsthand how insurance is hit by challenges from all angles.

We see why Regulation IFRS 17 increases the need for flexible reporting – along with the ability to generate analytics models that meet the new standard.

We see how far the switching economy has progressed. It’s likely to get a further boost as new rules on data portability take hold, increasing the need to predict and stem customer churn.

And in a time of market & political uncertainty, we understand what tools will enable you to absorb and manage change in a better way.

Responsive, flexible, solution-focused, they bring ideas from elsewhere that we can make good use of.

James Bonnett | Manager, Group Compliance Prudential

Insurance Analytics for companies

Giving you a clearer perspective

Here’s where Sempre can make a difference to your Analytics for Insurance…

  • More efficient, accurate financial planning
    From the application of multiple FX rates, through to comparison of actual vs budgeted spend, boost your reporting capabilities, while reducing reliance on manual inputs.
  • Planning models incorporating multiple, complex drivers
    What exactly do you want to know? From individual business lines to entire divisions, customer complaints, geographical, currency, time-based factors and more, let us equip you with the tools to get a clearer picture of what’s happening with your brand.
  • Futureproof for compliance
    Give your people the ability to extract precisely the info they need to stay on top of their IFRS 17 obligations.
  • Real-time over-spend response
    About to go over budget on an LOB? Set up automated breach reporting – complete with alerts for fast, efficient troubleshooting.
  • How are we shaping up?
    Improve your claims analysis capabilities and compare the performance of multiple divisions/books. All of this gives you valuable intel on areas to scale back or ramp up.
  • Identify your next new opportunity
    Profit modelling, projected claims, external market intel, human resource requirements and more: get a consolidated view on all of this for potential new lines.
analytics for insurance

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Sempre helps Aviva take Operational Risk reporting to a whole new level

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