Announcing NEW partnership with DataRobot

As a result of the significant returns companies are seeing by investing in AI, Forbes reports that the global AI machine learning market value is expected to reach $20.83B in 2024. Sempre is therefore delighted to announce a new partnership in the AI Intelligent Automation technology space with the fastest-growing AI company globally, DataRobot.


DataRobot was founded in 2012 and were the category creator of the term automated machine-learning (AutoML).  This came from the frustration of having to complete numerous repetitive and mundane tasks when building machine learning models rather than focussing on applying AI to solve business outcomes. By enabling full automation from data prep, build, deploy and monitor machine learning models, DataRobot’s mission is to bring AI to every business.

The platform allows you to deploy your AI wherever you see fit; on-prem, in a SaaS environment or on your own private or public cloud; all with the flexibility to seamlessly move your AI from one cloud to another with approximately 40 models per second created on the DataRobot platform. Watch out for further details in 2021 as we partner with DataRobot on the journey of transformation at scale!

To find out more about DataRobot, visit their website here

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