Transform Field View Data into Business Intelligence

For on-site construction managers and operatives, Viewpoint Field View replaces pen, paper and digital camera with something much more useful.

Even where there is no online connection, observations can be captured from anywhere in the field and logged on easily created mobile forms. Daily logs, inspection test plans, punch lists: all of this and much more can be captured, shared and reported instantly to the back office.

In its basic form, Field View is already an incredibly valuable tool. It gives you a real-time view on what’s happening on the ground, helping you to track inventory, monitor timings, keep on top of your health & safety compliance obligations – and ensure that nothing is missed at closeout.

Viewpoint FieldView

Field View is built for better project management.

But what if it could do more?

What if you could take all of that data and put it to work for your wider business? This is what Sempre asked. And through asking these questions, we’ve become the leading Field View partner for data integration management and visualisation.

Thanks to a range of dashboards, reports and KPIs, businesses can now take their captured on-site data to report, share and analyse like never before. That’s Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence

Your business deserves a better view

Multi-project BI Platform

See what’s happening on one or more sites or across the entire organisation. View performance over time and analyse according to common categorisations (e.g. location, status and causation).

bi platform

Identify trends

Where do over-runs stem from? Who are the sub-contractors responsible for the delays? What should you change across the organisation for better project management? Drill down to view individual sub-contractor performance across multiple locations – and highlight particular problematic sites.


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