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The formidable reputation of IBM Cognos Analytics is fully justified. Giving you the ability to monitor, explore and share insights based on data from across your organisation, it’s one of the most valuable tools to be put to work in any business.

So why aren’t your people making the most of it?

The problem isn’t the data. You can trust the numbers. But the way they are presented, the content of individual charts, the ordering of report sections, the way in which all of this is visualised: any of this can be a major barrier to Cognos adoption and usage.

Sempre helps you overcome this issue – thanks to a combination of design skills and an in-depth knowledge of IBM’s flagship Cognos analytics solution. Our Cognos consultants can design reports and dashboards that directly reflect the questions you need to ask, the way you and your people prefer to work, and the way you like your insights to be served up.

We can help you make better sense of Cognos – and give you a better view of your business data.

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What makes report design a potential problem?

  • It discourages uptake
    Cognos is meant to enable better decision making. But if users are unable to access the information they need, it can be seen as clunky, making decision makers less likely to use it.
  • It can hinder productivity
    More time spend on searching for the information you need means less time available for more profitable activities.
  • It can prevent you getting your point across
    If audiences are unable to grasp the meaning of your reports, it becomes harder to communicate the business case for your decisions.
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What difference can Sempre make?

Lack of design expertise, resource or time can all be blockers to implementing well-designed, effective reporting. Sempre can fix this.

We offer a full range of Cognos report design and visualisation services, all geared to giving you greater business insight…

  • Portal Customizer
    Create a bespoke reporting portal, branded with your corporate imagery. This makes Cognos look and feel much more like YOUR analytics tools – driving buy-in and adoption levels.
  • Dashboard Designer
    Taking key elements of existing or remodelled reports, we can create dashboard attuned to your needs and preferred way of working.
  • Theme Builder
    Make your journey through your dashboards more intuitive and engaging, thanks to consistent colours, text, icons and uniform sizing.
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