Your Chief Financial Officer is driving Finance Transformation

Monsoon, Mizhuho Bank, Hargreaves Lansdown, Alexander Mann, Arch Insurance, Rexel, Marketform…

These seemingly very different companies have at least one thing in common: Sempre Analytics has helped to transform their finance data strategies, giving their heads of finance the support, tools and know-how necessary for truly effective data-driven finance transformation.

To make this happen, we focus first of all on the raw material: your business data. Disparate data sets are brought together. Integrity is ensured. Gaps in information are eliminated. This gives you a platform of data you can trust.

Next comes a further challenge: collating and presenting that data in a way that makes sense to the people who matter; not your IT department – or even your ‘data experts’ but to your financial decision makers.

Office of Finance Transformation

What’s holding you back?

As Sempre has witnessed first-hand, from retail to construction, energy to insurance, enterprises in all sectors tend to be faced with remarkably similar challenges…

  • CFOs are too often hamstrung by day to day reporting and oversight requirements. There just isn’t time to get to the decision-making.
  • From ‘know-your-client’ through to the collation of information for shareholders, an ever-growing list of compliance requirements puts even greater pressure on your time.
  • There can often be a cultural resistance to change, with mixed and confusing views on how a CFO’s time should be best spent.
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So how can Sempre set your CFO free?

Each company’s journey to better decision making is different. That said, here’s a sample of what’s possible…

  • Data cleansing
    Finding the gaps in what’s out there, eliminating ‘bad’ and inconsistent data and ensuring there are no blind spots within your organisation.
  • Where can you automate?
    We identify those processes that are currently eating up your time – things like reconciling, consolidating and reporting. Next, we put together better, more efficient ways of handling this; ways that don’t make mistakes on a busy Monday morning – and ways that free up your time for more fruitful activities.
  • What do you need for more effective decision making?
    In areas such as resource planning, market performance – even customer sentiment – we identify the financial management tools necessary to help you make the right decisions.
Finance transformation consulting

Discover the Sempre Difference

Understanding how we work and our business plan – that’s really important. Sempre really took the time to understand us, and that was critical.

Paul Harrington, Assistant Director of Finance, Richmond Fellowship

We’ll get to know each corner of your business. We’ll identify the solutions that will work best for your organisation. And we’ll give your people the training, support and confidence to go their own way with the solutions you decide to put in place.

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