Organisations have declared the journey to AI a strategic priority:

Business Intelligence is poised to grow at a 10% CAGR to reach $20B in 2023, driven by augmented analytics, cloud, and functional use cases.

Analytics is about getting value from your data but historically it’s been limited to operational and structured environments.

Most organisation are starting to use self-service analytics but have yet appreciated its challenges.

Cognos Analytics AI infused solution alongside Sempre addresses these challenges and accelerates the shift to new business models.


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Do you have these organisation pain points?


My Team cannot keep up

1] Lacking the people or computing resources to unearth and track all the information we need.  2] Lacking the expertise to find answers to difficult questions.


Struggling to find Insights

1] Recognising and understanding business trends. 2] Finding answers to the difficult questions and identifying the true business drivers.


I do not trust the data

Being unable to act with confidence because I can’t trust that the data is telling the whole story.


I do not trust the results I am seeing

Looking like I don’t have all the answers. I need to understand what is driving the results I’m seeing.

The Cognos Analytics and Sempre Solution: Augmented Intelligence


Built for ease of use

1] BI that enables natural language Q&A and guided exploration of data through an AI assistant. 2] Recommends the most useful visualisation based on the selected data and past behaviour.


Help to uncover the truth

1] Uncovers trends and drivers you might not have thought to look for. 2] Shows hidden patterns in your data and relationships between data points.


Designed to give you confidence

Recommends related visualisations to guide you toward further exploration


Enabler for better business outcomes

Highlights the most powerful influencers on business outcomes.

What is Cognos Analytics?

IBM Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence solution that empowers users with AI-infused self-service capabilities to accelerate data preparation, analysis, and actionable insights across your organisation to foster more data-driven decisions.

Key solution benefits:

  • Reduce costs with self-service capabilities
  • Uncover hidden patterns and insights in data and visualise business performance
  • Save time with automated data preparation
  • Eliminate data silos and share insights easily


Why Cognos Analytics?

IBM Cognos Analytics helps find answers using AI, advanced pattern detection and machine learning to reveal relationships.

Organisations choose Cognos Analytics because of these powerful features:







How the technology enables uncovering insights


Fast answers and insights


Flexible deployment


Full-service capabilities


Intuitive User Experience


Secure Environment


Collaborate across all levels

Why Sempre?

IBM Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence solution that empowers users with AI-infused self-service capabilities to accelerate data preparation, analysis, and actionable insights across your organisation to foster more data-driven decisions.

  • Giving you the confidence to trust your numbers
    Any business analytics software tool can only be as good as the data that goes in. Through pre-installation consultation and planning, we can help you avoid data silos and reduce data integrity risks.
  • Installation planning for minimum disruption
    Whether you are upgrading from previous versions or adopting from scratch, we’re on hand to reduce non-availability of data and ensure ‘business as usual’ every step of the way.
  • Training
    Our aim is to get your team up to speed as swiftly as possible with detailed IBM Cognos training – the end goal is to enable you to become self-sufficient.
  • Ongoing support
    A dedicated Customer Success Manager, ongoing access to our Support Desk, annual or biannual technology reviews ensure that you are always on top of your analytics & reporting environment. We’re here to ensure you get the very best out of your investment.
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We’ve been striving for consistent data integrity over the last few years, and have managed to reach it in the last 6 months. We’ve been able to put the faith back into numbers and provide a new, stronger level of confidence in our data. Ultimately we want to continuously improve our guest experience and this level of insight helps us do that.

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Sempre’s Managed Service gives you the support you need to be confident in your outputs along with the agility you require for the speed of business today.

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IBM Cognos Analytics Training

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Cognos Report Design Service

Our Cognos consultants can design Cognos reports and dashboards that directly reflect the questions you need to ask, the way you and your people prefer to work, and the way you like your insights to be served up.  Get a better view of your business data.

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