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Once upon a time, there was enterprise BI. It could accommodate lots of data from multiple sources. It came packed with reporting capabilities. It was robust, secure and powerful. It was meant to help you understand your business better…

For many organisations, there was just one problem: too often, it was out-of-bounds to the people who actually needed it.

Interfaces proved hard-going. Data modelling and report creation was daunting for data non-specialists. Without constant expert technical input, BI software – and the data behind it – remained an underused asset.

Over recent years, IBM Cognos Analytics has changed this story. It now offers true, “self-service” usability – and all within the reliable, enterprise-grade framework you’d expect from IBM.

Sempre helps businesses take advantage of all of this. Implementation, advice, training and support: our team of IBM-certified specialists are experts at putting Cognos Analytics & reporting to work.

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Sempre’s Managed Service gives you the support you need to be confident in your outputs along with the agility you require for the speed of business today.

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Why Cognos Analytics?

If your organisation thought that BI analytics “isn’t for the likes of us”, it’s time to think again. The data generated by enterprises is growing exponentially. The latest version of Cognos Analytics is designed to help you make sense of it…

  • An intuitive user experience
    An intelligent search function (one that brings up suggested results as you type) enables you to quickly locate the data sources you need. Guided menus, including “favorites”, notifications” and “my content”, enable users to personalise their environment.
  • Simpler modelling and report creation
    A combination of intelligent search, drag-and-drop and automatic modelling enables you to verify and combine multiple – sources with ease. Models may be tested and deployed in the same environment.
  • Visualisation and sharing
    The optimum default visualisation is automatically selected based on the data you are viewing. Schedule reports, automatically burst to key insiders – or allow users to subscribe. Combine your charts with interactive elements and voiceovers to tailor your ‘data story’ to key groups (e.g. shareholders).
  • Deploy on the Cloud or on-premise
    A hybrid Cloud model is also possible (data resides on-premise, while analysis is performed on the Cloud via secure VPN).
  • Less IT intervention
    For a start, the emphasis on a better user experience means less operational troubleshooting. Over-top installation for version 11+ means all new releases can be installed on top of existing business intelligence software, with no need to create a separate environment.
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We’ve been striving for consistent data integrity over the last few years, and have managed to reach it in the last 6 months. We’ve been able to put the faith back into numbers and provide a new, stronger level of confidence in our data. Ultimately we want to continuously improve our guest experience and this level of insight helps us do that.

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Why Sempre?

Secure, scalable and hardwired for data integrity: Cognos Analytics offers a self service experience within an enterprise-grade tool. Here’s how Sempre can help you put it to work…

  • Giving you the confidence to trust your numbers
    Any business analytics software tool can only be as good as the data that goes in. Through pre-installation consultation and planning, we can help you avoid data silos and reduce data integrity risks.
  • Installation planning for minimum disruption
    Whether you are upgrading from previous versions or adopting from scratch, we’re on hand to reduce non-availability of data and ensure ‘business as usual’ every step of the way.
  • Training
    Our aim is to get your team up to speed as swiftly as possible with detailed IBM Cognos training – the end goal is to enable you to become self-sufficient.
  • Ongoing support
    A dedicated Customer Success Manager, ongoing access to our Support Desk, annual or biannual technology reviews ensure that you are always on top of your analytics & reporting environment. We’re here to ensure you get the very best out of your investment.
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Cognos Report Design Service

Our Cognos consultants can design Cognos reports and dashboards that directly reflect the questions you need to ask, the way you and your people prefer to work, and the way you like your insights to be served up.  Get a better view of your business data.

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