Last year IBM released the successor to TM1 – Planning Analytics – as a cloud-only solution. It is now available on-premise as well, for those companies that like to keep their software in-house. The change means that IBM’s powerful planning and analytic capabilities can also be installed on-premise or in hybrid environments.

For those who don’t know, Planning Analytics is the next incarnation of TM1, and offers the same speedy in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP) that has made TM1 such a widely used product, but with additional visualisation and analytical capabilities. This is all via a brand-new interface which makes building complex analyses simple.

The engine uses some of the intelligence of Watson Analytics to give automatic immediate insights on your dataset. The new Workspace interface enables a business user to make sense of their data and create compelling visualisations to share with colleagues.

These are a few of the many useful enhancements:

  • Author analyses, reports and input forms with the web-based Workspace
  • Drag and drop data from any TM1 database into a web canvas
  • Analyse data in a cube on one or more attributes in a single dimension
  • Use the collaboration tools to share with colleagues and investigate the reasons behind the numbers
  • Interact with dashboards via android or Apple devices.
  • In addition, IBM have re-branded their Excel add-in as Planning Analytics for Excel. This is largely based on CAFÉ but comes with a speedier engine and some new features, such as dynamic reports, and interactivity with Workspace.

To find out more about Planning Analytics, whether in the cloud or on-premise, get in touch.

Sempre Analytics

Posted by: Sempre Analytics on December 6, 2016

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