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We don’t know your people yet, but we’ve got a good idea about what their retail data-related headaches might be. Try these for size:

  • We want to be able to manage the changes ahead
    The role of your physical retail store is changing – and so is your business model. To implement these changes, you need to know what’s happening across your business.
  • We want to understand our customers better
    Behaviour, sentiment, demand: on all of this, you need a better way to turn raw figures into a true picture of what your customers are really looking for.
  • We want to spot our next big opportunity
    Those product lines that deserve to be brought centre-stage – or the market niche that you’ve overlooked: if it’s working for you, your data, and subsequent retail analytics, can and should help you identify these opportunities.
  • We need to do more with less
    For all of the above, you want to use data in a smarter way – and without being faced with a higher resource spend.
IBM Retail analytics

Retail is changing shape. We’re here to help you grasp what this means for your business

We get it. Data can equal stress. Thousands of SKUs to track across multiple stores. A supply chain that seems to get more complex by the month. And now there’s talk of further expansion…

The set-in-stone product range-per season is ancient history. You’re told to be agile, to magic up new stock based on ever-more-fickle customer sentiment.

And all this is happening against a backdrop of business remodelling, new sales channels and an unpredictable market.

LK Bennett, ASOS, Monsoon: these retailers understand this better than most; just some of the fantastic companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with.


We feel that Sempre care about us and our projects, we feel as if we have a business partner, rather than a 3rd party consulting company.

FP&A Manager, Monsoon

retail analytics

A single, better version of the truth

You want to trust your numbers.
You want to forecast with confidence – with truly valuable data drawn from across your entire organisation.

This is where Sempre can make a difference. Here’s how harnessing IBM Retail analytics helps…

  • Smarter stock management
    Giving you a better overview on what to buy in, how much and when to order.
  • A complete view of your retail brand
    Organisations can span multiple points of sale, across physical stores, concessions, franchises and online channels, all with their own characteristics, running costs and profit bases. We specialise in pulling this all together with effective budgeting and forecasting – no matter how complex your operation.
  • Drilling down to store and channel level
    Decisions on whether to ramp up or pull back on activities in individual areas demand a full picture. Get better visibility and the ability to assess and plan at store level, taking full account of factors specific to those individual stores and channels.
  • More detailed, digestible information for better decisions
    Whether you need access to yesterday’s trading report across the company – or the figures on a single product in a particular store, we aim to put precisely the intel you need at your fingertips.
retail data analytics
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