Diversity and commonality

Manufacturing is an industry almost as diverse as the number of companies within it.  Process.  Discrete.  High Tech.  Industrial.  Fashion.  Pharmaceuticals.  Fishing.  Chemicals.  This industry is hugely varied, critical and filled with unique organisations with unique needs.

There are some common challenges that most manufacturers face however:

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Demand and inventory planning
  • Sales and operational planning (S&OP)
  • Financial and business planning
  • Operations and logistics management
  • Product design and development
  • Workforce planning


Industry 4.0

No longer on the technical backfoot, manufacturers are making the most of the opportunities available from the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 to help them not just survive…but thrive.

The many new processes made possible through IoT are creating huge amounts of data that can be demanding to sift through and create valuable, trusted insight upon.  Sempre is helping manufacturers to harness this data effectively, apply the right analytics, and drive smarter and faster decision-making.

The data, analytics and intelligent automation technologies available today are helping manufacturers leapfrog other industries and become leaders in the use of technology to increase financial resilience, improve efficiency and make truly smart decisions.

Pandemic is changing the how we live and businesses must adapt…fast

Whilst for many sectors the Covid-19 pandemic impeded growth, for Distribution and Logistics companies it brought opportunities; but with them came major challenges to be agile and respond quickly to the new way people live, in particular around:

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Demand and inventory Planning
  • Operations and logistics management
  • Workforce planning

“The percentage of internet sales as a total sales ratio reached over 36% in November 2020 compared to 20.2% in January of that year”, according to ONS.Gov.UK

Grasping the opportunities of intelligent automation

No strangers to warehouse automation and robots, digital and Robotic Process Automation is a natural next step for distribution organisations.  Sempre is working with businesses to deliver digital automation solutions that help to drive the physical automation of these processes, leading to increases in operational efficiency and improved agility to cope with sudden and rapid changes.

Data: the lifeblood of operational efficiency

To grow their operations at this scale and pace is not without its challenges.  Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistic organisations need to embrace data, analytics, business intelligence, planning tools and AI technology to help them increase their agility and maximise their operational efficiency.

Data is the absolute underpinning for this – data that is connected across the business, available in real-time or near real-time, and accessible to the people that need it.

“Having the capability to orchestrate and move the data so it can be put into the hands of decisions makers and operational colleagues is, in fact, just as critical to the business as it is to have the goods delivered to the consumer.”

Paul Winsor, Head of Customer Solutions, Sempre Analytics

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