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It’s easy to assess which products, services or clients bring in the most revenue. But are the resources required for generating that revenue really being put to the best possible use?

This is where profitability analysis can help. It tells you if your current areas of focus are “worth it”. It takes you beyond the high-level sales and billing figures to give you a clear and accurate view of product profitability by product or customer.

Working with our North American partners, Action KPI, we offer a ready-made framework of profitability reports and dashboards based on IBM Cognos Analytics.

For resource allocation, product-mix choices, marketing strategies and all-round better business decisions, Sempre can help you identify your most lucrative opportunities.

Product Profitablity

The profitability challenge

“This is what’s making us money – so why do anything different?”

Where unit sales on a particular product line are outwardly impressive – or where the lion’s share of resources is committed to a handful of clients, misleading assumptions can arise.

The temptation is to continue or scale up on your existing model, with no real understanding of the true costs that this entails.

Problems include the following:

  • Servicing and true go-to-market costs
    Basic analysis of gross margins can be misleading . This is especially the case where analysis fails to take into account the ‘hidden’ costs associated with support operations and client relationship management.
  • Operational stasis
    Limited analysis might suggest that something is wrong with your current model. But without a granular view of profitability – and without the modelling capabilities to test alternatives, you are unable to support the case for change.
  • Knock-on consequences for productivity
    Sticking with the old way of doing things denies you the possibility of committing your resources to more fruitful activities.
Profitability analysis report

Just how profitable are you?

This is what Sempre can help you find out. Here’s how…

  • Profitability modelling you can make sense of
    Based on IBM’s powerful Cognos Analytics solution, we can tailor an easy-to-use framework of dashboards and reports. This is designed with your business in mind, taking into account user needs, your specific offerings and processes.
  • Reports you can trust
    Calling into question the profitability of a seemingly “successful” product or client relationship is a big (and brave) move – one that demands absolute confidence in the numbers. With powerful, reliable analysis, integrating data from across your organisation, Sempre can give you this confidence.
  • Asking ‘What if’ – and getting a useful answer
    Rapidly generate scenario analytics reports to put new ideas, product changes and operational assumptions to the test.
  • Putting your knowledge to work
    Use your new insights on profitability to inform product development, pricing, marketing, supply chain decisions and resource planning.
Profitability analysis
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