Data and Analytics Capabilities to support Better Business Outcomes

Sempre capabilities enable an organisation to heighten the performance of their business and achieve better outcomes.

We split our capabilities into four key stages to help organisations achieve a data-driven business. Each capability has several sub-capabilities within it.

Data Management

Sempre understands fragmentation of applications, data and processes can be reversed with trustworthy approaches to Data Management.

  • Modernising your Data Warehouse Platform
  • Mastering your data with Master Data Management across Product, Customer, Supplier and Reference Data
  • Moving your data across your applications and systems deploying a next-generation iPaaS Integration Platform as a Service
  • Govern your data across technology, People and Processes

Ensure data is trusted and used, drive data ownership and a more responsible data culture and improve processes and systems with reused and shared information.

Business Planning

Sempre enables organisations to have a financial foundation to operate in uncertain times through performance management for planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions.

Sempre achieves this through connected planning, integrating your Finance, Sales, Operations, Marketing and HR operations to enable financial decisions to be made whilst understanding the impact across the business.

Business Intelligence

Sempre supports organisations to orchestrate data seamlessly across multiple platforms to enable democratising of data while heightening data literacy of business users.

Choosing the right technology to surface data is only half the story. Whether you are looking to report, visualise, embed, or provide data via self-service capabilities, dashboard or mobile, Sempre has your needs covered.

What Sempre also provides is the consultancy to understand the level of data literacy inside your business. Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyse and debate using data. Sempre will understand your business needs to determine how to scale the data literacy inside your organisation.

Intelligent Automation

Sempre understands that replacing repetitive manual tasks with AI automation and applying Machine-Learning increases the efficiency and accuracy of business outcomes.

  • Sempre enables organisations to automate human activities that are manual, rule-based and repetitive.
  • Sempre enables organisations to learn from the past to build a model that can predict the future.

Identifying the key business use cases (ROI) through facilitated workshops, documenting processes, assessing data quality and preparation to deliver smarter decisions.

And because we understand that every business is unique, we provide flexible delivery options available so customers can choose how they want to engage with Sempre.



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