Data Strategy Review

Align your data ambitions with your business goals.

An effective data strategy will support the delivery of your business ambitions setting out plans, policies, and infrastructure to unlock the value of data within the business. It can be transformative for the growth and success of the company.

To develop a data strategy, Sempre works alongside function heads to understand how data is generated, stored and used by function then maps out the data architecture that will support the vision and develop a roadmap to achieve it.

Above all, working with Sempre means a tailored data strategy that is bespoke to your business.



When to engage support with your data strategy

There are a variety of reasons that companies seek support with data strategy. A few of those include;

✔️ The leaderships team recognise the value of data available to them to know their customers, product, suppliers, partners, people and brand better and wish to unlock that insight.

✔️ They’re planning to upgrade a core legacy data system e.g. ERP or CRM and not sure where to start

✔️ They want to know the cradle to grave cost of delivering a product to a customer

✔️ They are in a period of change or growth when their existing data strategy needs to be reviewed.

✔️ They need help to demonstrate the business value of implementing a data strategy.

What’s involved in a data strategy review

🟥 The baseline data use and architecture at the company are assessed.

🟥 An in-depth understanding of business goals and ambitions is explored through a series of workshops with function leads from across the business.

🟥 A set of data principles are designed which the company can use going forward

🟥 A data strategy vision and a roadmap for delivery is developed that aligns with the business strategy.

Through the process, Sempre develops a tailored solution that aligns with the customer’s company goals and objectives. With change being constant, whilst the design principles at the heart of Sempre’s recommendation remain, the roadmap and path to success may change as business goals evolve. A data strategy review will often be an ongoing dialogue and the course may change depending on the changing priorities of the business.

A data strategy review will deliver

✔️  A detailed vision of data principles, data architecture and a roadmap for achieving data strategy implementation

✔️ Prioritised implementation to deliver greatest return in the shortest time.

✔️ A set of data principles that will apply to the design of data architecture, but also the development of apps and systems out with the architecture design.

✔️ Work with teams to evangelise good data behaviours and inclusive data culture to generate the greatest ROI on implementation.

✔️ Materials to help communicate the benefits of implementing good data practices and good data processes.

✔️ A document to describe the business value from project implementation

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