WATCH ON-DEMAND | AI-powered manufacturing: Accelerate decision making and optimise inventory and demand planning

Model the impact of planning decisions on downstream operations using IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

Watch this on-demand informative webinar tailored specifically for professionals in the manufacturing industry. Presented with our partner IBM, this event explored the capabilities of IBM Planning Analytics with Watson and how it can revolutionise the management of inventory and cashflow through the application of AI. 

Unleash the true potential of your strategic planning and chart a course for success in the dynamic world of manufacturing.



Richard Abraham, Manufacturing Sector Lead at Sempre Analytics will be introducing our Customer Success Story with Brendan Hoo – IT Business Analyst at Tata Steel, UK. Learn first-hand how Tata Steel UK has harnessed the power of a unified planning and forecasting solution to connect all its data within a single platform. The solution enables greater cost accuracy and control across their operational business. Discover how they use the power of integrated planning to create predictive baselines that have streamlined sales, and operational planning, ultimately driving greater product profitability.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson Demonstration for Manufacturing: Discover how AI-driven insights with IBM® Planning Analytics can transform your production planning, allowing users the foresight to adapt swiftly and turn disruptions into opportunities. With its integrated supply-chain analytics software that incorporates both internal and external datasets, such as resource shortages, capacity requirements, weather forecasts, providers, and customer satisfaction surveys, the demo will guide you through the advanced analytics and what-if scenario analysis as inventory and cash management are optimised.


  • Louis Regan– IBM Senior Solution Specialist – Data, Planning & AI
  • Bill Primerano– IBM Global Data & AI Technical Specialist
  • Richard Abraham – Sector Lead – Manufacturing, Sempre Analytics
  • Brendan Hoo– IT Business Analyst at Tata Steel, UK



TATA Steel Distribution and Building Systems UK | Planning Analytics Journey

In this segment, we’ll explore Brendan’s captivating Planning Analytics journey. Let’s dive in! Let’s dive in!


Demo of Planning Analytics for Supply Chain

In this segment, we’ll dive into Planning Analytics Demonstration, a solution that revolutionises planning, budgeting, and forecasting, with a focus on supply chain applications. Let’s get started!

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