Customer and Product Profitability Webinar

Would you drive your car, blindfolded, at 100mph?

That’s exactly what a lot of companies do when it comes to customer profitability.

Most organisations know who their largest customer is. Few know who their most profitable customer is though. The only way to get an accurate picture of customer or market profitability, is to take into account all the direct and indirect costs associated with each customer, market or product. This is where many businesses come unstuck. Sales reports are often revenue-centric and lack the additional detail required to provide true insight into customer profitability.

JOIN OUR WEBINAR ON 9TH MARCH – 3 Ways to Profitable Sales Growth

  • Analyse your profitability gap – do you know which are your most profitable customers, not just the customers who place the biggest orders?
  • Change organisational behaviour – focus sales resource to maximise margins.
  • Redefine your market – can you accurately calculate a prospect’s profitability potential?

In association with Performance Management and Analytics experts, Action KPI; Sempre Analytics are hosting a series of international webinars , the first of which will feature Taylor Carcasole, Director of Strategy at Hi Pro Feeds. He will be sharing his experience of the frustrations of revenue-centric reporting and the subsequent journey his organisation took to implementing a Customer Market Profitability solution. The results are staggering.

We will also be showcasing the solution itself with an overview of the features and functionality.

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