Join our Webinar  “Getting More from PAW” 

IBM experts at Sempre Analytics, Philip Bichard and Shane James, present their top tips on “Getting More from PAW”.

A technical presentation designed for the Business Analytics Super User, register now and discover the duo’s best advice on how and why to build great systems that improve the end-user experience.  

Join us:

  • Explore top tips to enhance user experience!
  • Design systems that save user time (60 seconds/day * 50 users * 200 days adds up!)
  • Build better systems for happier users
  • Find out how the sizzle sells the steak

“PAW” or the “Planning Analytics Workspace” is a collaborative environment that combines data visualisation with planning and forecasting capabilities. It’s where users interact with the model that has been set up and therefore needs to inspire confidence in the whole system. The presentation was well received at a recent IBM Business Analytics event. This is a great opportunity to have a more in-depth look at their top tips whether you were able to attend the in-person event, or not.

Sempre Analytics believe in building great systems, designed for the user. This is why our team are focussed on improving the PAW experience.

Register today! 👇

Join the conversation: #GettingMoreFromPAW 

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