PARTNER EVENT: IBM | Sustainability Reporting – How to get started quickly!

Sustainability reporting has been on the rise in importance around the globe. Many companies are manually reporting this data to their internal and external stakeholders. You are probably wondering if there is a better way? where do I start? what do I report? What data do I collect? how do I collect the data? What solutions are out there to use? Or maybe still fact finding what to do.

IBM has a point of view to get you started quickly and easily.

IBM has created an asset to speed up implementation, that can be used out of the box or easily modified and extended. IBM has created the asset using our IBM Planning Analytics with Watson solution. The asset was created to help companies manage their sustainability data, set up their targets, create and track their ESG initiatives, analyse, and report. This asset demonstrates how organisations can easily manage their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) models and data. The intention of this model is to give organisations an overview of what can be done around sustainability using IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

IBM Planning Analytics is used by over 7,000 companies around the globe across many financial and operational use cases. Explore this ESG use case from IBM and start your data collection, auditing, tracking and reporting of ESG goals and initiatives


  • Introductions
  • Overview of the IBM Planning Analytics Sustainability reporting Solution
  • Demonstration of the solution
  • Further ESG models available
  • Q/A
  • Closing Thoughts


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