Announcing the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1!

Cognos Analytics 11.1 gives every user — whether data scientist, business analyst, or non-specialist — more power to perform relevant analysis in a way that ties back to organisational objectives. It shortens each user’s journey from simple to sophisticated analytics, allowing them to harness data to explore the unknown, identify new relationships, get a deeper understanding of outcomes and challenge the status quo.

This new release, which is a huge advance in IBM’s quest to bring the full power of AI to business intelligence (BI), builds on that work but goes beyond it with new capabilities like an AI conversational assistant, advanced analytics, AI-recommended visualisations, and user-centric data prep and modeling.

Cognos Analytics 11.1 is easy to use even for beginners, yet powerful enough for the most demanding data explorer. Even better, it’s built to fit virtually any budget.

Get in touch with our Consultant Specialists for more information.

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