Market change is inevitable, businesses need effective solutions to help them plan and refine operational models for Finance, Workforce, S&OP, Supply Chain, etc. understanding the knock-on impact and implications of decision making right throughout the business.

So why is having a Cashflow Forecasting and Planning solution so important, especially for any larger investments, like expensive capital items or additional headcount?

Decisions need to be made supported by the best self-service insight and in a timely manner. Many core applications, such as general ledger and ERP solutions, are not currently providing businesses with the flexibility and what-if scenario modeling that they need. Any gaps in cash flow need to be quickly identified to make better business decisions.

Some key questions have been:

  • Do we purchase a new building or take out a lease?
  • Do we purchase those new capital items?
  • Do we hire those new staff or contractors?
  • Do we defer these decisions, and what’s also the impact on our P&L if we do?
  • What do we need to do to break even?
  • Are you getting the answers you need right now?

Sempre Analytics provides performance management solutions and what-if scenario modelling. One key functional element of these solutions is providing effective Cashflow Forecasting and Planning.

If you’re already a user of IBM Cognos Planning Analytics (powered by TM1) or Anaplan then the solution to address this can be implemented in a few days, and would typically start with a 13-week cash forecast over your P&L.

If you’re facing challenges and maybe need a solution to the problem, do get in touch with us. We’ve got ready-made demonstrations that will show you how this solution can benefit you in the short term.

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