Challenge #1 – Complexity

Simplifying the Complex

Sempre worked with a multi-discipline organisation across their Construction, Build to Rent and Maintenance departments. Their combination of top down Corporate Planning and bottom up Business Unit Operational Planning had resulted in a series of extremely complex spreadsheets and associated manual, ungoverned processes.

By developing a comprehensive planning model in Anaplan, Sempre delivered a solution that not only integrates the entire planning process, but also creates intuitive user-focused applications which provide a business unit-centric view of the same data.

They have benefited from enhanced performance and impact analysis across the business, as well as streamlining the entire planning process. By exploiting Anaplan’s security and workflow model, they now have a controlled, monitored and governed process for both month-end and planning cycles.

Challenge #2 – Disruption

Connected Operational Planning

Sempre supported a housebuilder in creating a Plot Production Programme (PPP) Application with Anaplan. Challenges existed in getting near real-time data from sites and updating financial models and production plans.

Sempre developed an integration between on-site mobile data capture applications (e.g. Field View, ASITE) and the PPP application, enabling data captured by site managers to automatically flow into and update financial plans.

They benefited from better collaboration between the sites, regional and group production teams. Information captured once is used by many, which delivers increased forecast accuracy and enables Head Office teams to easily identify delays that might impact financial forecasts.

Challenge #3 – Uncertainty 

Cash Is King

So the old saying goes.  Corporate financing, from operational gearing through to land appraisals and valuations, is key to managing the cash flow and future success of a business through uncertainty.  Sempre supported a construction company with managing both their long- and short-term cash flow forecasts.

Sempre built comprehensive models in Anaplan, taking advantage of its power and flexibility as a purpose-built planning solution, to support working cash flow predictions, long-range forecasting and specific modelling for project valuations and land appraisals.

Confidence in the data, as well as calculations which now can’t be accidentally changed, resulted in greater certainty in day-to-day operations and investor confidence.

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