For Cognos users: helping you stay in full control of your data

Designed specifically to help you get the most out of IBM Cognos, Motio offers you an invaluable blend of versioning and content control, report validation, automated testing and release management.

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Cognos: why you need a helping hand

Your Cognos environment is developing in precisely the way you hoped. Uptake and usage rates are on the increase – and more decisions are based on data rather than assumption.

But this in itself can give rise to additional challenges for data managers:

  • A higher volume of data and reports across the organisation
    From an admin perspective, this can make it difficult to keep track of access and versioning.
  • Queries over data quality
    Without full control over ‘who is changing what’, there’s a risk that the integrity of data and reports may suffer. You become less able to fully trust the numbers.
  • A strain on resources
    Especially as take-up increases among non-specialist business users, more of your time is taken up with admin and queries, such as attempted recovery of deleted reports and root cause identification of errors.

How Motio can help…

  • Slash the time it takes to recover and audit deleted content:
    what would previously take hours now takes minutes, freeing up your team – and their machines – for more profitable activities.
  • Automated ongoing testing and version control:
    monitor your entire Cognos environment more effectively and with fewer resources needed.
  • Controlled, well-managed content migration:
    stay in complete control of when and what content to deploy across multiple environments, helping you to cut down on duplication and maintain the integrity of datasets.
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Why Sempre?

Sempre is committed to adding value to your Cognos environment – and our Motio offering is a key component of this. Collectively, our IBM-certified specialists have 25 years experience in Cognos deployment across a wide range of sectors. For all your installation, deployment training and support needs, Sempre has you covered.

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