The CFO: Architect of Data-Driven Success

Drowning in a deluge of data requests? You’re not alone.

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Increasingly, organisations are turning to the finance department to deliver accurate predictions and clear insights that will drive strategic actions required to fuel growth. In this report, we reveal the concerns of CFOs, their strategies for dealing with the deluge of data-driven tasks – and making the most of the value data can provide.

At present just 26% of CFOs think it is primarily the remit of themselves or their finance team to turn data into actionable insights. Whose role is it?

Gain insights from 250 CFOs on how they are meeting the challenges head-on. This report offers a unique perspective into the evolving landscape of data strategy and highlights the CFO’s indispensable role in steering the ship towards success. 

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A CFO is no longer allowed to just look back and provide explanations for things that have already happened; now he or she is expected to help a company know what will happen.”

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