Gain competitive advantage from Field View

We can help you unlock the potential of your on-site data with a range of dashboards, reports and KPIs that enable you to report, share and analyse like never before.

As Field View’s leading data integration and visualisation partner, we’ll show you how to:

  • View performance and progress over time
  • See what’s happening on the ground, by location, project and more
  • Identify the source of project over-runs
  • Discover which subcontractor is responsible for delays or faults
  • See what’s happening on every site, at all times

Past results: “£250,000 in savings within months”

Our client generated savings of a quarter of a million pounds from their Field View project, their Project Controls Manager said;

“On the old system, it would take me three or four hours, with phone calls and emails to create a progress report on each building. With 150 buildings that’s months and months of work I can now do in minutes. Putting together a monthly progress report to our client would take 100 times more effort, time and money without using Sempre.”

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