Planning isn’t about building models; it’s about building a better business.

To plan with confidence, you need the full picture – and the beauty of the Anaplan platform lies in its ability to give you this. It can link departments, sub-teams and potentially hundreds of processes from right across your organisation with ease.

Anaplan’s user-friendly credentials are strong. These days, for a mobile business planning platform rightly billed as best-in-class, you’d expect nothing less. That said, having found your way around the dashboard and basic modelling, the end goal of a better business through data-driven transformation can still feel some way off.

This is where Sempre can help. Orientation, ongoing support – or a fresh perspective after many months or years of usage: whatever stage you are at with your Anaplan project, we can ensure that you are getting the most from it.

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Sempre’s Managed Service gives you the support you need to be confident in your outputs along with the agility you require for the speed of business today.

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Reasons to look closely at Anaplan

  • Integrated business planning. No more silos for decision making. Build business-wide planning models integrating data from right across the organisation.
  • Flexibility. Anaplan provides a blank canvas to create models geared precisely to the questions you need to answer.
  • Usability. A combination of logic-based design, clear dashboards and point & click functionality all ensure that Anaplan can be put to work by non-technical specialists.
  • Real time adjustments. When circumstances change, adjust your planning model with ease – and instantly view the impact in real time.
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Sempre: Delivering Anaplan with Added Value

Here’s the difference Sempre can make to your Anaplan mobile analytics experience.

Drilling down your objectives
Your end goal is better business decision making. Anaplan is designed to help you get there – but when first deployed, the first usage steps can be unclear. What should your first models consist of? How should they be sequenced? Our experts can provide practical guidance on what to tackle – and when.

Hands-on training
Sempre provides targeted guidance that addresses the needs of your people. This could range from ground-up assistance for complete novices, through to advanced guidance and a review of existing procedures for more experienced users.

A periodic planning health check
For staying on track, the value of a fresh pair of eyes once in a while can be hard to over-estimate. One of the most appreciated aspects of our service involves a systematic review of your existing model design, integrity and reporting practices.

‘Best Practice’ functionality updates
When planning models are already deployed, revisiting them can seem like too much to ask. But this ignores the fact that functionality on the Anaplan platform is improving all the time. Through a ‘knowledge transfer’ session tailored to your needs, Sempre can ensure you are always in the best position.

Why Sempre?

As much (or as little) self-sufficiency as you need
Don’t be tied down to rigid service packages. Our support is fully tailored to the needs of our clients. Whether you intend to be fully self-sufficient – or you’d feel more comfortable with outsourcing key parts of your Anaplan project, our team can cover it.

Proactive training
It’s not about updating just for the sake of it. Rather, our approach keeps you appraised of the ‘best bits’ of Anaplan as and when updates arrive.

Business-focused expertise
Since 2011, our team has delivered over 200 successful planning projects. Technical know-how is a given (and between them, our consultants have more than five decades’ experience in this area). More than this, with corporate financial management included in our planning team skillset, we know precisely how a planning platform can be put to best use.

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Connected Planning in Construction

Our Business Planning capability has been enabling organisations across Construction, Housebuilding, Social Housing and Real-Estate to build scalable financial and operational Anaplan solutions that improve:

Agility – scenario planning, M&A-driven changes, new site and project profitability and cashflow forecasting.

Visibility – cross-organisational planning to build connected and accurate financial visibility that reduces risks.

Efficiency – faster processes for budgeting, forecasting, month-end reporting, P&L management etc…


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