There are more questions than answers

On the one hand, you’re having to deal with the constant everyday demands on your department, with reduced teams working from home.

On the other, you’re trying to answer critical financial questions for the future.

Every day brings the unexpected, leaving you with a different set of problems than you started with, particularly when it relates to your biggest resource – your workforce.

  • 85%

    of CFOs expect some decrease in revenues and/or profits this year

  • 76%

    of CFOs are considering workplace safety measures

  • 67%

    of CFOs are deferring or cancelling their planned workforce investments

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Drive certainty during and after the crisis

Planning with Excel is restrictive, inaccurate and built on following linear paths with predictable results.

But this crisis has proved what we knew all along – complex projects that depend on a large workforce can’t be managed that way. They never could.

You need a solution that empowers to you analyse constantly changing information, model new situations and collaborate with colleagues so you can make informed decisions.

This is where workforce planning comes in.

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Model scenarios. Avoid surprises.

When it comes to your staff, contractors and project costs, you need to be able to plan for multiple scenarios, adapt them daily AND take into account the long term consequences of any action.

This is what Workforce Planning does.

It allows you to model scenarios, so you can avoid surprises. Answering “what if” conundrums such as:



a sizeable proportion of site staff fall ill and remain off work, or need to self-isolate?



our supply chain blows up, and it happens on a global scale? How will that impact our programme milestones and revenue?



restrictions are lifted but our most important suppliers haven’t survived the crisis? How long can our business survive while things get back to normal?



we need to scale up site staff quickly? How will that affect our net margin this year?



further lockdowns are required if the spread of the virus accelerates again? How can we adapt your workforce to cope?



key resources such as surveyors or valuers are in temporary short supply?

Hope for the best, plan for the worst

Workforce planning can help you model worst and best-case scenarios with a range of dashboards and reports that enable you to report, share and analyse like never before.

bi platform

As a trusted partner to FTSE 250 organisations, we’ll show you how to:

  • Automate planning for fast, accurate results in minutes, not days
  • Get a 360-degree view of headcount and payroll across multiple departments and projects
  • Easily collaborate on plans with colleagues in other divisions
  • Explore scenarios in real-time and update plans instantly
  • Forecast and model future hiring and project workforce needs

Results from past clients

“Trust is something that takes a long time to build, but can be lost very quickly. We’ve never lost that trust with Sempre.”

Crest Nicholson

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