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Data Warehousing

Building an accurate, reliable and maintainable data repository that can scale with your organisation is fundamental to the success of any business intelligence solution. Transforming your operational and unstructured company data into meaningful, accessible and secure information, will enable your business to make insightful decisions based on quantifiable facts.

We have extensive experience in delivering solutions from departmental data marts to enterprise warehouses. Our iterative development methodology constantly delivers small, useable functionality to the business at regular intervals. This agile approach reduces your financial risk by allowing the project sponsor to quickly see value from their investment. Throughout the process, our consultants work with your team to ensure they own the development and final solution, thereby reducing the reliance
on external resources and helping to develop in-house resources. Following this approach allows any business, irrespective of budget, to start small whilst aiming towards a full-scale warehouse.

We bring our depth of expertise to every step of the process; from facilitating the initial requirements workshops and scoping exercises; to writing the ETL steps and administering the database. Our consultants will help your business structure, load and interpret the data, whilst following a project management methodology which will ensure visibility of the progress and the meeting of deadlines. The end result is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution, providing greater insight and improved decision making.


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