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IBM Cognos Data Manager

IBM Cognos Data Manager simplifies the creation of data warehouses and data repositories for reporting, analysis, and performance management. This simple and intuitive tool allows rapid dimensional ETL capabilities for high performance business intelligence data marts.

The tool provides:

  • A simple graphical interface for rapid development
  • Easy access to advanced functionality, embedded SQL and logic
  • User defined functions for simple reuse of common logic
  • Connectivity to almost any database
  • Creation of conformed hierarchical dimensions
  • Management of slowly changing dimensions
  • Simplified generation of aggregated fact tables
  • Easy control and schedule jobs streams
  • Integration with Cognos BI to automate processes and reports throughout data loads
  • Execution and control of external programs, batch and processes
  • Automatic auditing, with reports viewable through Cognos Connection
  • 64-bit server processing for improved throughput

Data Manager picture


 Data Manager works by extracting operational data from multiple  sources, transforming and merging the data, then delivering the  transformed data to coordinated data marts. Data Manager can be  used to transfer data into single database tables and populate data  warehouse fact and dimension tables, and create aggregate fact  table. Data Manager integrates with other IBM Cognos Business  Intelligence products by delivering metadata to IBM Cognos  Framework Manager which allows target data warehouse and data  repositories to be modelled and used in IBM Cognos Business  Intelligence and Performance Management projects.

What's next for Data Manager? 

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