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IBM Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express leverages the existing TM1 and BI platforms to provide a scaled down, integrated solution.

Midsize businesses in a wide range of industries use IBM Cognos Express to manage costs, drive profitability and increase growth. Midsize companies can use IBM Cognos Express to build an information-driven business culture. Transform raw data into meaningful information that can help drive strategic business decisions. Link the insights gained from Business Intelligence to actions through the planning process.

IBM Cognos Express delivers complete reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, forecasting and budgeting capabilities in one integrated solution purpose-built for midsize companies. The reporting module lets business users access, modify and author any type of report from any data source and in any combination, quickly and easily. IBM Cognos Express addresses the full range of reporting requirements – operational, transactional, production, managed, dashboards and ad hoc querying.

Cognos Express plugs into your existing infrastructure and can be deployed within an hour. There is no extra burden on IT staff and no additional investment in software infrastructure.

Use the reporting element on its own to meet your reporting needs, or extend it to encompass all of your business intelligence and planning requirements as part of a complete solution.


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